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Natural, oil based, & synthetic free

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Eco-friendly · Cruelty-free · Recycled · Made In Egypt

1001 Nights Roll OnLE 430.00

A rich, warm, and woody scent this strong mixture of oud tones will leave you uplifted and leaving you with a depth of strong fragrance

Arabian Falcon Roll OnLE 430.00

A mixture of Arabian scents including a base of spicy musk, amber, & oud tones this roll on will leave you relaxed and delicately perfumed

White Oud Roll OnLE 430.00

Refreshing and uplifting, this special White Oud blend gently infuses an oriental woody scent with a base note of musk and amber.

Mystic Amber Signature Blends

Mystic Amber® Testimonials

After using the Cleansing Negativity Room Spray, instantly you feel at peace and zen. With a couple of sprays, the energy and the frequency of the blends abolishes all negative emotions and energy.
Sea salt, water and a couple of drops from the Signature Blend - Sacred Oils; it took cleansing and cleaning a space to a whole new level. Just pure serenity and zen. No more negativity with these powerful blends.
When using the Lavender and Rose Room Spray, it was suggested I spray it directly onto my pillow, it’s the best sleep I’ve ever had in a while.

Yasmine Al Maghraby

Loyal Customer

The roll on set fits all your needs, whether it be to relax, meditate, the unique scents leaves your mind and body feeling at ease.

The bedtime mist works like magic, it has the power to set the mood and put you right to sleep with its unique blend of calming scents

Adam El Araby

Loyal Customer

The Reflect Frankincense & Sage blend is a breath of fresh air into the space, energizing but calming at the same time

Nour Hussien

Loyal Customer